As you’re already reading this, you must be a successful Sales or Lettings Negotiator, possibly a great Branch or an Area Manager or somebody who wants to become an estate or a letting agent.

If you are already in the business, you know the drill. You know what time you have to be at the office, what time is the morning meeting and what daily, weekly or monthly targets you are working on. Everything is good, you are on top of your game and you enjoy what you do, money is good hence you became a property professional in the first place.

But have you ever stopped for a minute and looked at how that business works, who gets to do the job and who gets the real rewards? How much you give and how much you get in return?
No, we are not here to make you feel miserable, we are here to open your eyes and make you see why you deserve more!

If you are new to this industry, but have done all your research, you will soon come to understanding of how things really work here.

Your Package

Time Spent at Work70%
Commission kept by your Company 90%
Targets Achieved80%
Promised Earnings50%

You are Expected

  • To come to the office earlier
  • To do unpaid overtime
  • To hit all your targets
  • To explain why you didn’t
  • To take on more properties
  • To let colleagues sell or let it
  • To be OK with not getting paid on it
  • To do MORE of EVERYTHING to be promoted


Sales/Lettings Negotiators Wanted

£50 000 OTE*

*On Target Earnings: You have to hit all your targets set by the company to get all the bonuses set by the company what altogether forms the above quoted £50 000 per annum earnings package.

Targets Given Look Reasonable

The amount of sales or lets you are targeted to do a month or a year might as well look very reasonable at first. If you take a look at your offices stock levels or a number of listings, check how many negotiators operate and work on that stock, then look at your targets again.

Does that still look reasonable?

How Much You Earn An Hour

Have you ever tried looking at your paycheck, count how many hours you have worked that month and do the maths of what is your hourly rate? No?
Give it a go, it’s fun and it will surely surprise you. In most cases the figure falls below the average hourly rate in London. So next time you meet a receptionist who’s on £10 an hour, remember your hourly rate and what you have been promised on your package when you signed on the dotted line.

Some True Facts

All calculations are average and done based on recent survey and a 35 years of combined experience in High Street estate agencies.
Here are the monthly figures.

Hours Worked
They Take £
You Get £
Your Rate P/H £

What If


MORE Commission



Own Working Hours

You Manage


Your Targets



More Control


We want the same

We’ve spent many years working for somebody, building someone elses success while capping our true potential.
Join us to be part of the change.

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Work with the Best

Here you will only find best people in business and reward efforts that produce exceptional results.
We believe in business partnerships as our firm’s success and determined to provide the support and resources our agents need so they can dedicate their time and energy to the goal of growing and preserving their clients’ wealth.
Agent House is rapidly gaining recognition for innovative thinking, vision and determination to offer better solutions to an antiquated industry. We continue to firmly stand on these traditions built and will strive and focus on creating exceptional value for our agents and clients.
Its all about people. People do business, not the office structure or the name of a brand.


You Need

Personal Support

Senior experienced colleagues and support managers are always available whenever you need them. It’s not a software or FAQ section, you have a question – we have the answer, you have an issue – we have a solution.

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Exposure is the key to marketing so you have access to leading major property portals, social and printed media platforms, local and direct marketing strategies .

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Leading Technology

It’s vital. From top of the art website and personal dedicated profile section, automated listing marketing, professional branded email addresses to cloud based technical database and leading property software.

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Quality of service and hard work meets the rewards. It’s not only a financial gain, but a very powerful tool to invest back to yourself and your business.

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Your New Package

Flexible Working Hours100%
Achievable Targets100%
Open Work Environment100%
Commission Paid100%

You are Expected

  • To like your working hours
  • To have more personal life
  • To smash your targets
  • To explain why it’s easy
  • To look after your clients
  • To work as a team
  • To do more of everything if you enjoy it

NO Brainwash

Sales Associate

Just a simple example:

Sell 1 property per month with lets say an average sales fee of £3, 000.
12 months x £3, 000 = £36, 000 before tax and fees.

Sell 2 properties a month:
12 months x £6, 000 = £72, 000 before tax and fees.

Sell 3 properties a month:
12 months x £9, 000 = £108, 000 before tax and fees.

This is based on a negotiated fee of 1% (our standard sales fee is 2%) of an average £300,000 property. The more expensive the property, the higher the commission.

Lettings Associate

Just a simple example:

Let 1 property per month with lets say an average lettings fee of £1, 800.
12 months x £1, 800 = £21, 600 before tax and fees.

Let 2 properties per month:
12 months x £3, 600 = £43, 200 before tax and fees.

Let 3 properties per month:
12 months x £5, 400 = £64, 800 before tax and fees.

This is based on a standard fee of 10% of an average property rent of £1, 500 per month. The more expensive the property, the higher the commission.

Sales & Lettings

At Agent House we don’t limit associates to one particular field if they are happy and willing to do both. Main reason is to retain your existing, make it easier to obtain new clients and make them happy whatever the enquiry might be. If you lack experience in one or the other field we have a training and coaching platform in place to help you out.

Some Happy Facts

Eric – our junior associate. Here are some figures on sales deal after fees he has done last month.

Deals Done
Hours Spent
Commission %
Paycheque £




Per Month

  • Basic
  • Basic Tools
  • Sales & Lettings
  • Admin Fees Apply
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Per Month

  • Premium
  • Premium tools
  • Sales & Lettings
  • Admin Fees Apply
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What our agents say



I’ve started with no previous experience. I had an offer to become a trainee negotiator at my local estate agency when I came across Agent House. After the meeting with their team I was offered to join the company. Three weeks later I’ve got my first instruction which is under offer now.



I have worked as a letting agent for different companies for many years. Having two kids and keeping a successful day job is not easy. After discovering what Agent House offer it was a no brainer. I am 10 times better off now. I have enough time to do business and look after my family, earn more money and enjoy it everyday.



I love it. No more 8am in the office! I found to be much more productive in the afternoon and work around my clients. Planning a holiday soon and don’t need to get a permission. I honestly just love it!



I’ve always wanted to have more control of what I do and how I do it. In the company I used to work for I was restricted to what I can offer my clients. Now I can be as flexible as I want, my clients are happier and I get more recommendations for future business.



We respect the fact that you might be working in the industry already therefore all enquiries and meetings are strictly confidential.


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